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Spirit of Awen
Natural Health Clinic
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Ffwrwm Shops

Ffwrwm is friendly, eco-friendly and fairtrade. Come and browse our unique range of goods.

If you can't see what you want - ask and we'll try to help.


We also offer holistic therapies and our craftspeople run workshops. Do you fancy making fine jewellery, felting, upcycling... or maybe something else?  Talk to us - we love a challenge - and we are a highly skilled and creative bunch!

'For such a small space, there’s a lot to see.'

Rafi has been at the heart of Ffwrwm since the very beginning. A designer and creator of beautiful jewellery, he also repurposes and restores precious pieces and runs workshops (under the watchful eye of Layla - his black labrador - Ffwrwm's mascot!).

'a real masterclass in craftsmanship'

‘excellent goldsmith, can work wonders with all types of jewellery.’

Rafi Hayon showing two people how to measure a ring they are making.
Painted brass singing bowls in a variety of sizes.

Part of Ffwrwm's magic since the early days - visit Alun's treasury of spiritual and unusual gifts from singing bowls to silk skirts, amethysts to aromatherapy, hand carved Welsh lovespoons to Celtic literature... and much more. Or join Grace and Alun for celebration ceremonies and workshops.

'lovely vibe, lovely owner'

'the moment you enter the shop it calms your mind'

@Unit5 is a perfect pocketful of presents. It's run by friends Lou, Liz and Rhian (formerly The Cwtch). Together they sell original art and cards, antiques, vintage and up-cycled furniture, organic candles and soap, jewellery, doorknobs, handbags, homewares and Frenchic Paint...felting workshops, so much more. Just pop in.

'it's a wonderful little shop of loveliness!'


Welsh dresser crammed with goods: felt dragons - printed cards - cloth dolls - socks - organic soaps

Choose from a range of holistic treatments in a relaxing atmosphere:

Tui Na: Bob Cheung is a master of Chinese clinical deep tissue massage.


Chiropractic: Peter Lavalette BSc, DC, CCEP uses non-invasive approaches to musculoskeletal problems to decrease pain and improve function and wellbeing.

Reiki: Carol Gough is a highly experienced practitioner helping clients find their individual purpose and unblock their true potential. 


For bookings, queries and orders - contact individual shops by clicking on the links above

- and sign up to the Ffwrwm newsletter below to keep in touch with what's going on.

Rafi Goldsmith
Natural Health Clinic
Spirit of Awen
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