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Spring is in the air - and Janet Chaplin has returned to Ffwrwm - her paintings bursting with life.

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Cat Rock Freshwater East  - painting by Janet Chaplin

Janet Chaplin

March - May

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Years ago, sitting on the beach watching my children play, I started to sketch and build a collection of paintings of the sea.  Texture and colour began to preoccupy me and some of my seascapes became quite abstract. 

Over the bay - painting by Janet Chaplin
Chapel Rock Broad Haven South - painting by Janet Chaplin
Large green abstract - painting by Janet Chaplin

I began to enjoy the build-up of layers and the depth of colour I could get by using different media such as oil inks and acrylics - even - sometimes - salt.    

Now, I sketch in detail first - outside - then use these sketches back in the studio painting several images at the same time.  

Large blue abstract - painting by Janet Chaplin

Recently, I have been inspired by painting the gardens at Picton Castle in West Wales.  In this exhibition these large scale oil paintings have allowed me to experiment with greens and purples.  The two largest paintings show the path in and out of the gardens past one of the huge patches of Gunneras, large plants that die away each year to grow back on a monumental scale. Flowers of a vivid orange and red nestle underneath their leaves. 

Picton Castle path in - painting by Janet Chaplin
Picton Castle path out - painting by Janet Chaplin

As a contrast to these monsters the gardens at Picton have a vast array of other plants - walks of myrtle and spilling bowls of hydrangeas - these delicate flowers have been an inspiration too.  

Large purple hydrangea - a Picton Castle painting by Janet Chaplin
Myrtle Walk - a Picton Castle painting by Janet Chaplin

I have been making art and teaching for over 30 years but in the last few years I have started to exhibit and sell my work across Wales and beyond. 

Janet Chaplin artist at Llanthony Priory

Yet still, painting the hills around Abergavenny excites me every day.

I look at the Blorenge and Sugarloaf on my way to and from work. The colours are constantly changing and I try to reflect their continual flux.