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Ffwrwm Gallery and Oriel Fach

Visit both our galleries: Ffwrwm Gallery in The Snug Restaurant and - just outside - Oriel Fach - the smallest gallery in the UK (we think..).

This month we have Ffwrwm Friends in The Snug and

Brenda and Louise Horton in Oriel Fach.

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The Snug - Ffwrwm Friends

Anchor Ffwrwm Gallery

It's lovely to gather together with friends at this time of year - and we're lucky to welcome back Glenn Carney, Maff Harris, Brenda Horton and Lou Horton and to introduce a new friend of Ffwrwm - Samantha Scott - for our Ffwrwm Friends exhibition in The Snug Restaurant.

Oriel Fach - Brenda and Louise Horton

Oriel Fach is a gallery for gem-sized works of art. It is (probably...) the smallest gallery in the UK.

Lou Horton has teamed up with her mother - Brenda - to give us some tiny treasures - none bigger than10cm squared.

Anchor Oriel Fach
costal walk at sunrise.jpg
sunrise in the shade.jpg

Brenda Horton has brought her fine art needlework to Oriel Fach with 4 textile landscapes using fabric collage and embroidery.

lavender hills.jpg
sunday morning drive.jpg

Louise Horton has made 7 tiny paintings based on the idea that there are new organisms in the cosmos which may not yet have been discovered or are still to evolve!

cosmic ova.jpg
cellestial pollenation.jpg
baby cosmic ova.jpg
cellular cosmos.jpg
Aster ad Astra.jpg
greenhouse seedlings near Mars.jpg

At Ffwrwm we want to promote new artists and those living and working in Wales...

and we proudly support community arts.

If you are interested in showing works big - or small - in Ffwrwm Gallery or in Oriel Fach contact

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