mosaic of sixteen works by painter Glenn Carney
Ffwrwm Gallery

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This month we are delighted to welcome back the beautiful works of Glenn Carney.

Glenn Carney

July - Sept

Glenn Carney is often described as a ‘colourist’ – a painter whose vivid use of colour is central to their work; he produces paintings of a jewel-like intensity.


‘I instinctively use rich and resonant hues, trying to evoke emotion and memory.’

Welsh Home acrylic painting by Glenn Carney
Homestead with Gorse Hedges | Glenn Carney

He is inspired by the countryside in places he loves, and has visited often, particularly in Pembrokeshire and in the West Country.


‘The colder months appeal to me more, when the land may appear less hospitable, and yet retains an undeniable allure.’ 

In fact, many of his landscape paintings feature glimpses of the human in the land in remote cottages and chapels; while in his still lives he captures nature in domestic environments, and he returns again and again to these settings and themes to produce compelling works of longing and home.


‘The human imprint is a repeating theme – churches and homesteads occupying lonely positions – a combination of abandonment and beckoning.’

Moon on Angel Mountain oil painting on copper by Glenn Carney

A self-taught painter, he works with unusual materials – egg tempera – oil on copper – gold leaf – crafting works with a distinctive flair and instinctive feel for a moment of connection.


‘I began painting as a relaxing pastime just for myself, but increasingly discovered that I was able to express things which also had meaning for others, and this has become an additional reward for me.’


Glenn Carney colourist painter in oils, tempera and acrylic

Glenn is increasingly sought after - his latest painting selling before the paint was dry...


...and his talents don't end there because we can happily attest to the fact that he's also a mean cake and breadmaker!

Tricolour cherry cake