Kirigami cutout picture - silhouettes of Snowdon, the Skirrid, the Sugarloaf and Pen-y-fan.
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Hawys Vickery
May 18th - June 29th

Hawys Vickery is a local designer and artist who creates 3D paper art similar to the Japanese art of kirigami.


Unlike origami where paper is only folded to create shapes - in kirigami paper is folded and cut. It literally means kiri (cut) gami (paper).

It is a form of sculpture and Hawys' three dimensional work comes to life when it is seen in a physical environment. It really is worth a visit.

Kirigami cutout of iconic buildings in Caerleon includgin amphitheatre - set onto a local map.
'Caerleon': Hawys Vickery

Inspiration comes from her love of simplicity and geometric shapes, strongly influenced by travels around the world.

Her most recent designs use the elegance and beauty of iconic skylines, local landscapes, iconic people and places and the traditional Welsh lovespoon.

Here the cutouts capture the steel pylons of Newport Transporter Bridge towering over the Usk - one of only 8 left working in the world.

Kirigami cutout image of Newport Transporter Bridge.
'Transporter Bridge' Hawys Vickery
Kirigami image of Newport Transporter Bridge framed and hung above leather sofa.
Artist Hawys Vickery smiling and leaning out of the window of her VW camper van.

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Hawys worked in marketing and design in the fashion industry and the financial services sector.

She has always been fascinated by the creative process and continues to find inspiration in many varied and unusual places.

Today, through her design brand Daphne and Molly, she also creates contemporary mixed metal jewellery and makes bespoke pieces of art and jewellery for clients including pet portraits, birth memories and personalised pieces for the home and special occasions.

Kirigami cutout image of pet dog titled Gryff hung above a yellow armchair.
''Gryff': Hawys Vickery