Chanbury Landscape by Chris Hanbury
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This month we welcome Three Painters from the Port: 

Pauline Price, June Mogford and Chris Hanbury.

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Three Painters from the Port

Aug - Oct

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Together these three local artists exhibit in galleries and arts festivals across South East Wales and their work is often found at the Fourteen Locks. 

Foxgloves painting by June Mogford

June Mogford:

Born and brought up in Newport, I have been making art since my school days and, as Monet said “I owe perhaps becoming a painter to flowers”.  My enthusiasm for gardening has a huge influence on my work.  I am not a botanical painter but I enjoy studying the form, colour and detail of flowers, and want to represent them accurately.

Working mainly in watercolour and sometimes acrylics, local landscapes and still lifes inspire me too. 

Poppies painting by June Mogford

Chris Hanbury:


Painting has always been my main happy in life, even when I was bringing up my family and holding down a career. My paintings are inspired mainly by the natural world around us. The colours and shapes of plants and trees provide plenty of scope. Landscapes are also a great source of ideas...

Tulips monoprint by Chris Hanbury

...I use a variety of mediums, watercolour, inks, acrylics and oils - and the surprises that monoprinting can provide constantly excite me. However, I am always looking for colour and enjoy experimenting with different mediums; this means that some of my work is mixed media.

Pauline Price:

A teacher of English and Literature locally for many years, I have been an artist for sixteen, during which time I enjoyed successfully completing the very last Art Foundation course at Newport. 

The landscape of Wales, its colours and textures, is my joy and inspiration. An artist can never be short of a subject living here. Working in oils and acrylics, my work aims to be full of colour, movement and texture.

Moon painting by Pauline Price