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Ffwrwm Gallery
Past Exhibitions

We are lucky to have worked with many artists we now count as Friends of Ffwrwm. Here are some that have shown with us over the years.



Glenn Carney


Glenn is a local painter and a nurse in “real life”. Ffwrwm is proud to have been there for his first exhibition - many years ago.
He says, 'Frequently it seems as though I’m painting the same theme over and over again, and yet can’t see a reason to break away from this activity. I’m trying to revisit and depict the meaning and feeling I had when I saw a particular landscape. When someone else derives a personal pleasure or significance from a painting, it gains another dimension for me.'

Mosaic of works - Glenn Carney


Giacomo Picca

Born in Brazil, Giacomo trained as a Civil Engineer before moving to London to study Fine Art. Exhibiting widely in the UK, he works in a variety of media. He has been a friend of Ffwrwm since the beginning.

In ‘border lines’ he built on the idea of the fences between suburban gardens as a metaphor for the tensions in ownership of space - of culture and territory.

Kirigami cutout image of Newport Transporter Bridge.
'Transporter Bridge' Hawys Vickery


Hawys Vickery


Hawys is a local designer who creates 3D paper art similar to the Japanese art of kirigami. A graduate of London School of Fashion, she's inspired by a love of simplicity, geometric shapes and travels around the world. Recent works use iconic skylines, people and local places.


She creates products for her design brand Daphne and Molly, including contemporary mixed metal jewellery and bespoke pieces.

Kirigami cutout image of Newport Transporter Bridge.
'Transporter Bridge' Hawys Vickery


Janet Chaplin

A sense of place and my relationship with that

Janet has shown at Ffwrwm many times with varied pieces but there are some constants. She says 'I have always been drawn to ... the promise of possibilities of a wild and bracing experience. A sense of place and my relationship with that place is at the heart of my practice, I work primarily from sketches drawn in situ...but soon emotion and memory guide me.'

chapel rock Broad haven south.jpg
'Chapel Rock Broadhaven' Janet Chaplin

Roy Guy

Newbridge born artist Roy has captured scenes of ordinary Welsh lives sometimes devastatingly sad - sometimes celebratory. He supports a number of local charities and says 'my main creative inspiration comes from the satisfaction I get from helping those in need.'



Dave Biggs


Newport photographer Dave Biggs broke new ground during lockdown culminating in his first painting exhibition for Ffwrwm.​ Dave produces powerful central images - landscapes of the imagination - strikingly lit.​​

Ebbw Maff Harris


Maff Harristh that

Matthew (Maff) is predominantly a fine artist, who also enjoys the whole design and making process. He works in many different media. (You'll also sometimes find him online as Hosshaus).

Maff Harris
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