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‘Ffwrwm is a dream - shared by all who come here’

Ffwrwm Arts and Crafts Centre is nestled in the historic Roman settlement of Caerleon in South Wales. 


Ffwrwm celebrates the town's Roman past and its, lesser known, alter ego as Camelot - the court of King Arthur.

Sculpture Garden - Galleries - Shops - Restaurant

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What's On

Tiny works in the smallest gallery in the UK (probably!)

Maff Harris - acrylic abstract

Ffwrwm favourites in the warmth of The Snug


© Steve Binns

Visit Ffwrwm

Ffwrwm's sculpture garden is full of wonders telling the ancient tales of Wales and - at 44 feet long - it's home to the largest lovespoon in the world.

The original site of the Porta Praetoria - the main gate to the fortress of Isca and just a short stroll from Caerleon's other Roman attractions: the amphitheatre, baths and museum - come and see our sculpture garden, shops, restaurant and galleries.


What you'll find

'a fabulous hidden gem'

merlin's throne.jpeg

Sculpture Garden

'a unique collection of sculptures

that has no equal anywhere in Wales.'

Restaurant and Galleries

Why Ffwrwm?

In Welsh, 'ffwrwm' means 'bench' - a place to sit - from the Latin 'forum'. For Romans, the forum was a gathering place. Every town had one. It was a market - and a place for meetings and debates.​ Ffwrwm Arts was made to be all these things.


A place where you can simply sit and talk - or... can view an exhibition, celebrate the solstice, take treatment for a bad back, find goods from jewellery to geodes, children's clothes to candles, antiques to fine art...

...and eat some of the area's finest food in The Snug.


All while surrounded by carved works of the imagination.

Come together in our gathering place at the heart of Caerleon.

'More often than not we choose to sit outside for a while as the scenery is so beautiful and we can just relax!' 

Roman centurion life size woodcarving

  'Lucius': Sculptor Ed Harrison

The world's largest lovespoon - carved from a single tree is 13.4 metres (44 feet).

Visit us - completely free

 ...and see the world's largest love spoon...

...and statues telling stories for children of all ages.


To find out more - join our mailing list, follow us on Instagram and Facebook or get in touch.

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Carousel images thanks to: Colin Grant © Ffwrwm Gates
Helga Prosser Sculptor: Battle of Camlan - Alan Hughes © Touché​ under Creative Commons Licence |
Louise Horton Artist: Welsh Flag

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